Thursday, February 24, 2011

Proven Innocent?

Today, I forwarded the paperwork from DMV to FasTrak/ACS. Evidently, this proves my innocence in the eyes of FasTrak. The friendly ACS employee promised to immediately remove my name from the 116 toll violations, and reassign them to Vili Sitani, who is the registered owner.

But that is where FasTrak/ACS wants to stop. They do not want to prosecute the criminal who stole my identity to commit fraud. They don't want to turn evidence over to the police unless they receive a subpoena. They are a for-profit company, and have no motivation to prevent ID theft or fraud, as long as someone pays the fines. This is why private companies should never be allowed to enforce laws.

About 2 weeks ago, I dropped in at the CHP office in Redwood City, to see if they could help or give me some advice. Coincidently, the CHP officer at the front desk had received a toll violation for a used car he bought. The previous owner crossed a bridge in the morning without paying the toll, and sold the car to the officer that afternoon. FasTrak/ACS sent the toll violation notice to the officer because they consider him responsible for the car for the entire day that the "release of liability" was filed with DMV. The officer explained the situation to FasTrak/ACS, but they refused to send the toll violation notice to the previous owner.

This CHP officer understood my trouble, and went far out of this way to help me. The most important thing he did for me was restore my faith in all the good principled people who stand up for what is right. I hope his FasTrak troubles are resolved soon.

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  1. I'm dealing with a Fasttrak issue too. They are not clearing a Toll Violation, even after I sent them the documentation showing it was paid (credit card record and the email receipt received by them..).
    They want me to send them a check for the violation, and THEN they will complete an 'administrative review' of the case. I feel like this is extortion. I wonder if there are more people this has happened to? Maybe this is a class action case? did you receive communications from other frustrated Golden Gate Bridge crossers?