Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Truth from DMV

I've been asking for this information for about 4 weeks, and now I finally have it. I thank the eight people at DMV, CHP, and SJPD who verbally confirmed that I don't own this vehicle. But it is good to see paperwork from DMV proving that the registration is not in my name. The owner is Vili Sitani. Tomorrow, I will forward this document to FasTrak. They have promised to remove my name from all the toll violations after they receive it. But I'm not finished yet.

FasTrak/ACS collects over $15 million dollars each year in toll violations, which goes to Bay Area Transit Authority. I can't imagine what it would be like working at FasTrak, and have the job of collecting tolls violations from people who want to cheat the system. FasTrak employees must be trained to lie to the liars, and to scam the scam artists. They lied to me when they claimed that DMV provided my name and address as the owner of this vehicle. They could have contacted DMV themselves to get the correct information, but they did not. Because the information never came from DMV. 

How many people have been victims of this scam? How many people don't fight the fraud, and just pay the fines? Will FasTrak cooperate, and provide the fraudulent document to the police? Or will they continue to protect the criminals who stole my identity and committed this fraud? 

I want answers. I want FasTrak/ACS to be investigated and punished for doing nothing to stop this fraud. And I want to see the criminals prosecuted.

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